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Dear Sir,
I hold a degree in Geology and at the moment studying for a masters degree in project management. I have a good background of exploration techniques, formation evaluation  and sedimentary geology in general. Although I have never had the opportunity to work with any of the oil companies or servicing companies.

I'm half way through it but I'm now scared that i won't be able to get a job with this degrees combined. I really want to work in the oil and gas industry.
Please advice me.
Thank you,


This sounds like another case of a university selling a "plan" that has never worked.  Most companies, want geoscientists.  If they want project managers, they hire them.  There is compartmentaliztion, you are in business, or the science end, or management.  Later in one's career, the opportunity may present itself to go into management or stay in the technical side.
Most geoscience types are hired to to just that.  They want a person to know the business end form the  bottom up.  I have friends who rose to VP status, but they started in the technical side and worked their way up.  I would not expect you would be hired on the strength of the combination.

They want you to have at least a MS in the science side.  I had a friend in college who got am MBA instead of a MS and he never did work in the exploration side, he sold refined products and now he is selling insurance.
I am speaking from personal experience, but there might be exceptions.  I would encourage you to reach out to HR people in several companies and ask them what the hiring criteria is for a geoscientist.  Most will say minimum is a MS.  Today there might be more exceptions considering the great demand for geologists.

Go on the big search engines and do some queries for geologist and project management.  See if anything pops up.  As I said, companies want PMs to have been in the trenches so they know first hand what can happen and how to handle the problems.

I work in Software development now, geology and geophysics software.  The PM we have does not impress me.  The only thing he seems to know how to do is work MS Project, thats it.

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