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QUESTION: Respected Amit,
         I am Harshvardhan Singh and i have newly joined a reputed services firm as a trainee mudlogger. I have also cleared CSIR NET for JRF for which i have 2 years validity. I could'nt enroll for my Phd for the fact that i have to support my family and the stipend offered is very less. therefore i chose to join a job. I wanted to know whether a part time Phd in sedimentology and basin analysis from IIT would do any good for my career advancement? and what is the better option? to continue just with jobs or do a part time Phd side by side.? Also please enlighten me through the career advancements after mudlogging.
Thank you.

ANSWER: Dear Mr. singh,

I must tell you that this is one of the best questions I have received so far. thanks.

You must pursue a part time PhD in sedimentology / stratigraphy / basin analysis, in some IIT or some institute with high reputation. however, I must tell you that Sequence stratigraphy is a hot topic now. Try to get yourself engaged in something akin to that. A PhD, having a CSIR NET clearance, will land you in a superb career path.

At the same time, you should also learn the mud loggers' job as much as possible. In exploration (and in cases, in development also), experienced mud loggers are in great demand.

I understand that doing both shall be difficult. but seeing your eagerness (towards a fine career), I must tell you that you should try to do both. It shall be difficult but not impossible.

Thanking you and wishing you good luck,

with regards,


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QUESTION: Respected Amit,
         I am glad to hear an early and a very useful reply for my career advancement because i have been struggling to meet both ends since many weeks. I wanted to ask you one more thing. Will my mudlogging experience coupled with my Phd in sequence stratigraphy land me up in a geoscientist or operations Geologist position? Because i am not so eager to continue with mudlogging for much time. This is not why i pursued Geology as a career option.

I do not know how many years of experience you have already gathered as a mud logger. In case you have 2-5 years' of experience, you shall get openings in international companies of Arabian Gulf (both private and public sector companies). there are so many companies.

Here, you will definitely get operational geology assignment - it is understood in the industry that mud logging and operational geology go hand in hand. My only request is, while as a mud logger, try to grasp a few nuances of operational geology, particularly core recovery, well logging essencials and log correlations.

With your PhD and mud logging experience together, you shall be able to get jobs as an exploration geologist as well as development geologist.

However, for the time being, you should gather as much expertise as possible in Mud logging. And if you are in research also, do it seriously. I can guarantee you that your career will be floded with sunshine. Please do not give extreme attention to "what would happen if......" type of thoughts. That may hamper your growth and may make you shaky.

Thanks and regards.


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