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Are you able to distinguish what type of rock (igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary) and the rock name if the list to find it is given? I will provide the pictures of the rock.

Dear Daniel,
Thanks for questioning.

It is not at all difficult for a geologist to identify a rock specimen. However, it is called "hand specimen study" followed by "microscopic study" which lead to conclusion. I don't think any geologist will ever correctly identify a rock simply seeing the picture.

Having said that, may i tell you, we may try to guess wildly a few of them - like mica schist, biotite schist, coal, limestone, in broad term if the picture is perfect and vivid. But then, there exist chances of mistake. For example, a bedded limestone and a rock having ortho quartzite-thin shale alteration may look alike in picture. But a few physical characteristics and a few chemical tests would very surely discriminate between theses two.

Therefore, it shall be prudent not to try anything like that.

Your intention may be noble. But the outcome may be erroneous.

Thanks and regards.


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