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I have done B.E Chemical and want to be get in Oil & Gas sector for the job along with that want to improve my educational level will I go for Masters in Geology or in Chemical Engineering in order to get advantage over others in terms of job.Please guide me.


I don't know much about Chemical Engineering, I have met Chem E's that worked in refineries, but that is considered the downstream sector of the industry and does not have much to do with the upstream sector, the exploration and production.

I am not sure what the requirements are for a Chem E to work in a refinery.  There might be opportunities for a chem E in the Pertroleum Engineering side of the upstream sector, in the advanced recovery and well treatment side of things, but that is a bit outside my area of experience and expertise.

Look into what the educational requirements are for Petroleum Engineers.  It might be better for you to go into that with your background.  The opportunities are good and the pay is higher.  You might be able to do a MS in petroleum engineering, but it might take a few additional courses at the BS level to meet the requirements.

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