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First of all i would like to thank you again for your past guidance that helped me a lot till now, now i want to ask another question about
my master's entrance exam at India,kindly guide me your best,

Q1.Which book should i read regularly for better entrance exam performance of Petroleum Geologist? Suggest me as many as possible, so i can prepare my best!!

Q2.Bachelor Degree that I'm pursuing(last semester now) from the university that is only U.G.C RECOGNIZED and not A.I.C.T.E APPROVED !? Am i eligible to appear exam at any other well established University??


I checked the ETS website and it does not look like they even administer the Geology GRE exam any more.  They are in the process of dropping the Computer Science GRE as well.  Just another example of compromising admissions standards at universities in order to make more money.

Here are some study guides I found in case you are still required to take the exam.

I am not familiar the the acredidation organizations you cite.  Most universities will evaluate the classes or curriculum on a one to one basis to determine if you have the necessary prerequisites to their program.

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