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I graduated with bachelors in geology in 1973. Worked as a teacher for 3 yrs. then started a career as a residential building contractor for past 30 yrs. After all these years, I would like to spend a few years working in oil field or in a geology related field. With my background , could I get a job as a mudlogger or ?


It really depends on what your original skill set was.  You might be able to do mud logging if you read up on the technology used today.  A lot has changed since 73.  In 74 they were still teaching geosynclinal theory and had not fully accepted plate tectonics. I know, I took my first geology course in 74.  I graduated in 1980 with my masters, and things had changed dramatically in the intervening 6 years.  But science is science.  Computers have made a lot of the well site work less labor intensive, but mud logging and logging cuttings in pretty much the same, you just input the info into a computer.

I would apply with some drilling companies.  Put your updated and slanted resume on RigZone and

You never know.  Do read up a bit at the library on the latest technology.  The recent boom is in geosteering, microseismic, horizontal drilling, logging while drilling and fracking.  Those are the key words to use looking for articles and tech papers.  This boom in the midcontinent from the Dakotas to Texas has the potential in the next 10 years to make us oil independent again.  It is the current domain of the small to midsized independents and they are going gangbusters.    Barry O will kill it if he gets the chance, he wants to do biofuels instead and cripple our economy while he does it.  As to other jobs, take a look at those sites to see what jobs are available and see if you can talk your way into one.  Try attending some of the meetings in the various regions for societies, to talk the the hiring authorities.  Better chance of getting someone to take a chance on you than, one of the HR pukes who act as gatekeepers and are comparing your qualifications to a job description that they don't understand in the first place.

Good Luck.

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