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I'm currently studying Petroleum engineering in college, and I want to know which second language should I learn in order to look more attractive to employers. P.S. excluding Russian. I hear a lot of people say russian, but Russia is far too racist for me to go there.

Australian or Canadian...just kidding.  Chinese might be a good choice, or spanish.

There is a lot of mining in South America, and in China.  Australia and Canada still have active mining company operations around the world.  Also South Africa, which you probably know, speak Africaans.  Beware, despite what you might think you know, China and Japan are pretty racist too.  It isn't just whites who have a monopoly on racism, its just that we advertise it more.  The Japanese are racist toward even Korean, requiring that they adopt a Japanese name.  The Chinese and Japanese are racist toward each other as well.  It is man's nature.  It is called In-group and Out-group...we are genetically hard wired for it since it promoted tribal cohesion and more cohesive groups defeated less cohesive, more diverse groups.  So it makes the Chinese prospects for world domination much better than the polyglot nations of the west are becoming.

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