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I got a Bsc Geology and Msc in Petroleum Engineering. I lectured for a few years and ventured into the Oil and Gas sector. Specialized in drilling and presently assigned to a pipeline project 48" 130km. After this project i was thinking of an MBA in Project Management or another Msc in Pipeline related subject. Please advise me if its a good move, or better still what can i venture into for a successful career..

Considering that Petroleum Engineering is one of the highest paid professions in the petroleum industry, I am not sure that an MBA would do you much good unless you are aiming at management.

I have two PE friends that are working in Asia and are in high demand.  One is working in shale gas the other runs a consulting firm out of Singapore.

I think your choice needs to be dictated by a career goal.  Ask yourself what it is that you want to be doing in 5 years.  If working in the field in to in your plans, and you want to do project management, speak with a project manager and find out what specialized education might help you.  You might find that all you need is career mentoring to augment the skills you already have.  

Just getting another degree does not guarantee that it will get you the job you are seeking unless you have been advised that it will by someone in a similar position to the one you seek.

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