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found these three shiny rock
found these three shin  

this is the biggest one
this is the biggest on  
Hello Sir, I live in Dewas(M.P.). I work in a web development firm which is located in Dewas's Industrial area. I have found a rock from near of my office.It looks different then other usual rocks. I have attached the pics of it. Please increase my knowledge by sharing your knowledge on this topic.

It is a crime to name a mineral / rock, just by seeing its picture. But I would tell you there are some sulphate and sulphide minerals of metals which look like gold or silver. For example, Pyrite is a mineral (sulphate of Copper and Iron) which glitters like gold or galena (sulphide of lead) which looks like silver.
Please do not be carried away by its look. It is mother nature which plays crucial role in giving look of natural things. Thanks for questioning.

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I shall answer general questions related to clastic sedimentology. I shall be specially interested to reply to any question on continental deposits, particularly fluvial deposits. As I have about 15 years of experience in working in the field of petroleum geology, I shall love to answer questions related to exploration of hydrocarbons in the aforesaid sedimentary environment. To do so, I may guide how to use all geoscientific data - geological, seismic data and electrolog data acquired in the area of study. However, as I have no exposure in lab work, I may be excused from answering any question akin to sed lab,pal lab or chem lab.


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