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Hello Sir
I am from Pakistan. i did BS in Geophysics and then waited for a year to find a job but unfortunately i didn't succeed, now i want to take admission in MBA. please guide me that it is good or bad. and i want to tell you that there in not a good university to offer MS in geophysics in Pakistan.


I am confused, are you planning on working for a MBA: masters in business administration, or a MS: masters of science?

They are quite different unless you school refers to them that way.

I have had only one friend who got an MBA after getting he BS in geology and his career did not work out at all the way he planned.  Oil companies hire and train people in their way of doing things.  They will hire a MS geologist, and if he does a good job, he might be offered at some point in his career the option to move into management, or stay in the technical side of things.  If he opts for management, he might want to do an MBA at night to show he is serious and that will help him move up in the company.  

Trying to come in with a BS in geology and an MBA and think they will hire you for a management position is plane wrong.  They won't.  They might put you in a sales position down stream, that is selling products or managing a distribution outlet, which is what happened to my friend.  I had another friend with a MS who was a good explorationist, who got his MBA in addition to his MS in geologist.  He went on to higher positions within the company and other companies.

So focus on one thing at a time.  Your professors should have told you years ago that you needed an MS to get a job with a geology degree.

I hope this helps.


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