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Sir i am from Pakistan and i am student of BS Geology(last year)
soon i will be sending applications for my Master (probably abroad).Sir i want to do MS in any Engineering Field like Environmental Engg,Energy Engg.. as i think they can get job in big cities unlike Geology (most jobs are in remote areas)..i know i can do my Master in Geotechnical and Petroleum Engg but i would prefer Environmental and Energy Engg(Wind,solar,Geothermal)
i know these include some Mechanical engg skill but i was wondering if i can be enrolled in such programs after my BS GEOLOGY degree?
If yes.. please let me know the jobs outlook of these in europe,Canada and Austrlia
and if u have any other suggestion related to engineering Degrees which i can pursue after my BS please let me know.
i want to get into Engineering because i want to design and develop new things..
Thanks in advance :)

ANSWER: You need to be sure that you have the necessary mathematics and other science prerequisites for the engineering degree you are contemplating.

That can be the most difficult hurdle to get over from a geology degree.

The employment opportunities in environmental are somewhat bleak the last time I checked.  What you need to understand is that environmental is a COST center for most companies.  By that I mean it costs them money to clean up mistakes, so they do not keep people on their payroll to do it.  They hire consulting companies.  So the people who hire environmental engineers to clean up sites and work on problems, are environmental consulting firms like
Environmental Resource Management Ltd. or ERM, google them.  I worked for them for 8 years.  The say is low and the hours long, and there will be a lot of travel at first till you move in to project management.

I don't know much about the renewable side of green energy because it is pretty much a scam and not profitable at this time.  The US government under the clown Obama wasted billions on startup renewable energy companies that promptly went bankrupt after his friends the owners pocketed hundreds of millions of $$ and then closed down the companies.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you Sir for letting me know about environmental engg and Renewable Energy.

Sir what would you suggest then ..Petroleum or Geotechnical Engg? which would let me work in big companies and in Big Cities. as i mentioned earlier that i want to design and Develop new things

and if you know other other careers besides these,which have good job outlook please let me know

Thank you Sir in advance.


It sounds like you need to do a little research.  If you want to develop new things, then mechanical engineering or electrical engineering might be the way to go, but again, be sure you feel you can complete the required prerequisites.  When you change majors drastically, it can cost you up to a year of lost credits.  I changed from history to geology and had to take almost a complete year of undergraduate courses to make the transition.

Geotechnical engineering is testing soils, concrete and stuff like that for building construction.  It is a branch of civil engineering and is pretty boring.  Lots of grunt work testing clays, and crap like that to determine if the soils are suitable upon which to build.

Petroleum engineering pays well even with a BS.  They are scarce and in high demand.  In oil companies they get paid the most between geologists, geophysicists, and engineers.  The pay is in that order from low to high.

You need to figure out what it is that you want to really do with the rest of your life, and then proceed.  Do some reading on the various career paths.  A job in research and development usually requires a PhD, and is where most of the developing of new gadgets gets done.  To do that you have to demonstrate that you have a fertile mind and you can connect the dots, between existing tech and how it can be used in new and original ways.  There was an old show on TV which I believe started on BBC called "Invention". It showed how almost all the inventions that changed mankind did not occur as on man's brain child, but all were built on work done by previous people, or relied on the invention of some other thing in order to make them viable.  The steam engine for instance did not just suddenly come into being, but was only made possible by a series of other inventions, some of which might have been totally unrelated, but were necessary none the less to allow the steam engine to come into being.

So my point is, if you don't have that kind of mind, then it might not be possible for you to land that kind of job.  If you do, then you should do your thesis on something that lets you demonstrate it.  Engineering mechanics, or mechanical engineering, electrical engineering would allow you to do that.  My nephew is studying the latter and is working part time in a lab where he is allowed to work on new creations.  He is working on his Phd at U. of Washington in Seattle.

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