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we work at ISL mining project. sometimes injection well are leaked and water comes out through side of the PVC at the surface of the well. we use PVC pipe to construct the well. I am asking about why do PVC pipe leak though we use high quality and if well is leaked can we use logging method to probe the fault if so then how?

ANSWER: Kashif:

A few questions:

What does ISL stand for?  Is it a particular project or a company?

What are the wells being used for?

What pressure is the water being pumped under for injection?

What was the well grouted with?

The problem may be with the grout job, not the PVC casing.

What type of formation are you pumping into?

What is the porosity and transmissivity of the formation?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: ISL stands for In Situ leaching used to extract radioactive minerals. gravel cemented is used as grout. filter is designed in sandstone. pressure is as low as 2bar.

It sounds to me like you have a faulty joint in your casing and that your cement or grout job might not be good.

Another consideration might be that the leak is not be from the well itself, but from a perched aquifer.  You might consider having the water analyzed and compare the results with a sample taken from your well to compare the two.

It might be that the water source is from a shallower zone that is seeping to the surface.

Do you see an increased flow when the well is under pressure?  

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