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Assalamualikum sir
I love geology and I have due interest in this field
But my family is forcing me to continue Software engineering
Sir kindly clear me one thing
Do geology have a good scope in we have jobs in this field?
Your affectionately


My advice to you is to pursue the software engineering career path.  The job opportunities are better.  

Historically, employment in geology were in a few areas.  The largest and most lucrative was in petroleum exploration.  Working in that industry requires a MS degree.

Another area is teaching at the university, requiring a PhD.  Another area is environmental geology, and that is another way of saying ground water or hydrology, since all environmental problems end up being water problems because that is where everything spilt or released whether on the ground or in the air, ultimately ends up, right?  This area pays about 40% less than petroleum.

Right now petroleum is undergoing a slump due to dropping oil prices. Many companies are laying people off.  I just lost my job after 10 years.  I was leading a team of software testers for geology and geophysics software.  No programmers were laid off.

This happens about every ten years or so and then prices start to go back up and things correct themselves.

The last area is government agencies, which are responsible for monitoring environmental quality of the state or province and overseeing companies to see that they are abiding by the regulations.  Consultants do most of the work and are hired to clean things up when things happen.  I did that for about 8 years in Texas and across the US.  Not most of the big projects are moving overseas.  Now the UN and the IMF have more stringent environmental requirements before they loan money or approve projects and the consultants are hired to do studies and help clean things up when things go wrong.

Environmental is dying in the US, but is growing overseas particularly in developing countries, where as standards of living rise, more attention is being paid to the environment and ground water quality.

Now, having said all that, computer software is where it is at.  NOTHING we use today can operate without computer software.  NOTHING.  Not your smart phone, not your tablet, not your computer, not the cash register at the store, not the phone system, not the electrical system, just about everything relies on software to tell it what to do.

The oil industry and geology jobs are the same way.  The exploration for oil relies heavily on very sophisticated and complex software applications that do complex calculations to process vast amounts of seismic data.   They mine the data for new types of responses that give us a better idea of where oil and gas lies.  It would be impossible to do petroleum exploration on the manner and on the scale we do it today, without that type of software.  Back in the 80's when I started, a task of correlating wells across a field, could take weeks.  Now the same task can be done in ten or fifteen minutes.

Why am I telling you this?  Because most programmers do not have a clue about geology.  You could combine the two, major in computer software development, and take some electives in geology.  That combination might give you insight into new ideas of how software can be developed to better explore for oil, or even minerals.  When you go looking for a job, with the big names in geology and geophysical software" Halliburton/Landmark, IHS/Kingdom, and Schlumberger/Petrel, you will have a bonus on your resume.  You might even be able to do a project in combining the two which would look good on your resume.

My last company was working on a mathematical computer algorithm that could automatically pic faults in 3D seismic data by looking at the changes in the seismic response along the seismic traces and lines.  If successful, that could save lots of time and could end up with a better interpretation than a manmade one, since the program is more sensitive to the numerical variations than the human eye is to the colors and patterns visible to the color and geometric patterns assigned to visualize the patterns for the human eye.

Good luck.  

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