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Sir, Thank you for your previous answer and answers.This question is similar to my last question, its still about writing my Msc Thesis.I am currently conducting my Msc In Petroleum Geosciences in Nigeria,I will like to seek your advice on a thesis I can write on that will be of relevance to  Exploration and or Production in Nigeria a thesis that will be useful to operations of the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria. A thesis that will make extensive use of the different branches of Petroleum Geosciences. Thank you sir. I am willing and Ready to write a deep and pioneering(if need be) thesis. Thank You Sir.


I would do an in-depth analysis of just what problems the industry in Nigeria faces, from the geological perspective.  

What are the various exploration plays?

What are the exploration problems facing each play?

What is the near future prospects for continued production?

Is there any drive or interest in unconventional resource plays in Nigeria?

If so, what are the peculiar difficulties in Nigeria?

Has anyone mapped the extents and thickness of potential unconventional resource plays?

Do they know the faulted and or fracture zones in the source rocks (You could map them possibly with remote sensor data mapping lineament trends and map the gross structural framework of the areas under which the target shales lay.)

Then you could show those areas that would have the fewest technical issues for horizontal drilling and those with the highest natural primary porosity due to fracturing.

This would probably necessitate a lot of reading about fracking and horizontal drilling but would make you kind of an expert in it for Nigeria.  

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