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This isn't a medical question; it's a occupational question. I'm writing a fiction about a doctor. What's the general age range and time it takes to be a physician for a man working in a hospital or one with a private practice? What is the typical salary for such a figure? Do some doctors make better money than others?

On average, physicians obtain a bachelors degree prior to entering medical school. This being so, the average age of a young doctor entering an internship or residency program is 26-28. Depending on the type of specialty or generalization one chooses, there is another 4-12 years of residency and/or fellowship training. Most doctors entering practice as partners or solo practicianers are usually in their early 30s. I hope this helps with your research... Additionally, salery ranges greatly depending on specialty, location and type of practice. After all training is completed, a physician can generally expect to make between $80-300k per year...
~Dr. Kanz

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