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I can't find the relevant area expert to answer this, please are you able to help:

Essentially we lived in a place rented and we were asked to leave the windows open when we were not at home, the place was not alarmed and the windows had no latches as the landlord felt the house was damp as we didn't leave windows open when we were not at home, we found it not safe to do this. But we did keep the windows open when we were at home when it was reasonable to do so ie. not raining. But my question is this:

Does science (or any physics laws/theroys) prove or are there any articles you can point me to that shows if you leave the windows open when it's cold, raining and/or damp outside that dampness/humidity can be caused to the property by this action? I need some solid evidence as the landlord wants to extort money out of us because she thinks we caused dampness despite having bought a dehumidifier.

Hi Aj

If a home has a moisture problem it is either caused no french drains, a leaky roof, or lack of normal ventilation.

A landlord requesting open windows may be trying to hide mold smell, some sort of noxious smell or, the insulation in the walls and roof is of a type that prevents normal ventilation in/out of a building.  

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