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QUESTION: After nearly 10 hours if testing I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 25. I was prescribed adderall and have seen tremendous improvements at my civilian job and in my life ad a whole. Immediately I informed my chain of command of my Rx. At first it was ok until this past drill where I was told by the medic Msgt. that script or not usarc does not allow any d-amphetamines and that I would be held accountable should I test positive.

This is really upsetting, even with a legal script that has improved my life in leaps and bounds. Is this accurate? And what would the consequences be if I were drug tested? Should I discontinue my medication?

ANSWER: Hi Justin,

First, let me apologize for not replying sooner. The person who was supposed to answer was on vacation, and I didn`t see it until now.

Are you saying you`re currently in the Reserves? If so, you cannot be in the military with ADHD, if on medication. Don`t discontinue the medication, you need it. Speak to a doctor, and your chain of command about this situation.

Please respond with a follow up question with a little more information.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your response, sorry I wasn't clear on my question I was a little frazzled at the time.

To simplify, yes I am currently serving in the army reserves. Only after my last deployment to Afghanistan did I discover I had ADHD. Since that time I have been taking prescription AmPhetamine salts ( adderall).

My CoC never had a problem with that until recently when they started putting a battle roster together. I was told that I needed to stop taking my prescribed medication or face UCMJ.

My question remains do I need to stop taking my meds?

I look forward to you help, thanks!

This medication helps a medical condition (Yes, I completely understand that this is not a medical condition as most think, but technically, it IS a medical condition). Do NOT stop taking it. It`s helped you, and it`s been prescribed to you by a doctor who knows what he`s doing. The best advise I can give to you is to talk to your doctor, get some more information from your CoC, and talk to a lawyer (JAG is your best bet) about this. They can`t MAKE you stop it, since it`s helping you. What will happen, I don`t really know. Sorry I couldn`t help more, but it`s the best I can do.  

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