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I will be taking the ASVAB soon and math and science are my weak points. I plan to join the Navy(the medical field). Is it possible to do while even though my math and science skills aren't very good?

Yes, you can definitely pass it. Have you taken a practice ASVAB yet? Get some ASVAB study books and study them, it`ll help. The ASVAB is written at a 10th grade level, so it`s definitely most possible to pass it. However, you must study in order to do well enough. And remember, just because you pass it doesn`t mean you`ll have a high enough score to qualify for the rating you want. So study hard!

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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I can answer any type of questions regarding the military, but more specifically, Marines, Army, and Navy. The Air Force and Coast Guard are subjects I can answer questions about, but my knowledge is rather limited in those fields. I can answer questions regarding history of, rank, structure, etc. I can also answer questions regarding any of the service academies (West Point, Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy, specifically), and Naval ROTC, Naval ROTC-Marine Option, and Army ROTC.


Much research regarding the military, and personal experiences with military. Talking to those in their respective branches has made me even more knowledgeable in the field of military for the branches I didn`t know much about before. Many interviews for research papers and such as well.

Current student.

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