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Two of the characters in my book are in the Army.  

Why are American soldiers sent to Camp Zama in Japan, and what are the duties for a male soldier?  Is it a peace keeping base?

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Hi Nancy,

Always glad to help out an author! Yes, Camp Zama can essentially be called a "peace-keeping" infantry units are stationed there, and it`s not in a combat zone. The U.S has various military bases around the world, and they decided to set up shop in Japan with Camp Zama.

A Soldier's duties there depend on what his job is. There are a few different main people that are stationed there, combat engineers, signal corps, and military intelligence. So if you read up more on that, it might help you, as I don`t know what you want your soldiers to be doing exactly. Here`s some more information, and you can also find out more about the units stationed there:

Wikipedia page:
U.S Army Garrison webpage of Japan:

I hope that helps.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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