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I recently asked about becoming a pilot with 3 misdemeanors. Since I was a double major in Mechanical Engineering (pilot) and Biology (dental), whats the chances of getting the HPSP with the 3 misdemeanors. (prank called people and told them we were cops). Have completed everything and it was 8 years ago. I did go to police station and they told me I wasnt in the system. Any opinions?

Hi Keith,

Honestly, I don`t want to venture a guess...the military is downsizing, and they`re accepting fewer and fewer folks with criminal charges. Though there`s nothing in the police system, the military sees it all and knows all. I dob`t want to say yes or no. If I were you, I`d contact a Recruiter and ask them. They`re the ones with all of the up to date information.

Sorry I couldn`t help out better.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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