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i am wondering  if there is any military i can join with a  IEP doploma i went  to a boces is like a tech school took  diesl  for 3 years  be for i was done with school i wanna do somthing with my life


A lot depends on two factors.  One is where an IEP Diploma is considered the equivalent of a HS Diploma or understand is that it is not but I'm uncertain how each branch of the service would consider it.  Another factor is what necessitated the your transfer to BOCES...if this was for ADD or AD/HD you would more than likely need a waiver in order to enlist.  I recommend you contact a recruiter from each branch of the service you are considering to discuss your options.


LCDR John M. Fiorentine USCG

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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Active Duty Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander. My specialties are opertations afloat and operations ashore; three afloat tours and three ashore tour under my belt including command afloat and navy exchange. My staff assignments have been with Officer Personnel Management as a Career Counselor, White House Military Office as a Social Aide, and at the Office of Law Enforcement within CG Headquarters as a program analyst. I can answer questions related to the Coast Guard, the assignment process, officer specialties, OCONUS duty, afloat and ashore operations. I can also answer questions related to the White House Social Aide Program.


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