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Well, here is some info about me (can't personally identify me):

10th grade/Sophomore

-Taking NJROTC
-I will be an O-1 in a month or two
-My freshman cumulative gpa was 4.571
-I'm doing 2 sports this year, and 3 sports junior and senior year

I want to go to the United States Naval Academy, and then become a fighter pilot. What should I work on, and do I stand a chance?

Hi Matthew,

Excellent question! You seem like a bright young man who stands a fair chance, but it`s hard to tell since you`re still pretty early on in your high school career. Your GPA looks excellent, and sports are great! Be sure to try and make varsity, and captain if possible for at least one of those teams. NJROTC shows leadership, and be sure you have other leadership positions too. Community service is also important. Be sure to take high math classes, and AP or IB classes. You definitely stand a fair chance, but there`s no "secret formula" to getting in, so it`s hard to tell.

Be sure to apply for the summer seminar, but don`t worry if you don`t get in.

My suggestion is to read through the catalog USNA has put out on their website:

Also, I really recommend going to this site:

There`s a lot of great information on there, and current and former Midshipmen of the Naval Academy.

On top of all that, always have a plan B, and a great plan B is NROTC.

Keep working hard.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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