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I was just NJPd for DUI and being put for AdSep with a possible OTH. I have 16 years of Honorable service. Everyone keeps telling me "well you had several Honorable Discharges so you'll be good. What does that even mean. What are my chance to go to another service and finish out may even National Guard. I am fighting for a General Under Honorable Conditions with letters of character and such.

Sorry for the delay in answering!

No chance to trade services with an OTH.  Guard is possible but don't count on it.  With as much time as you have it is highly unlikely you'll be able to reenlist into another branch on active duty, even with a 'good' discharge, as quite likely you are at max service limitations.  General under honorable will possibly enable you to get into the Guard..I'd talk to a Guard recruiter, they would be the expert on that one at this point.

Sorry can't be of more assistance, but with the way things are nowadays, your situation does not look good.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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