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Hello, I am an e-4 with 3 years in AD.  A little over 2 years ago i was diagnosed with flat feet by a podiatrist on base. I was having a lot of pain. I was given insoles and received  two sets of cortizone injections. I moved commands was seen by my 2 nd podiatrist, she agreed with the findings gave me rest and a cast for a month in the foot that was the worst. I also recieved my third set of steriods and was taken off the ship. My doc went tad at this time. I was on med hold for 90 days when i finally got in to see a doc again. 3rd doc he is civilian. He took x rays and said i have high arches. The opposite of the other docs. He performed Achilles tendon lengthing and plantar fasciitis release on one foot. Its been 2 months and im still in pain the surgery was unsuccessful. My doc has an attitude that he can fix me and he wants to do the surgery on my other foot. Even though the first foot was not a positive outcome. At this point i have been lld for over 2 years was med waived for 1 prt and have been taken off my ship for months. I have received limdu orders for 6 months. I am tired and just ready to be out to goto achool and get passed all this.I had an orders for 6 years and have served 3.
Is there anything i could do to at least start some kind of separation process?

Yes, you can refuse medical treatment and you will eventually be discharged.  I am not sure what kind of VA benefits you can get if you are discharged because the issue was not necessarily service related.

Ask questions to your med hold detachment on what your options are.

me personally  would ride it out, at least you are employed and get a paycheck, if you get out, you will be unemployed, broken and still in pain.

Let them try to fix you, there is obviously no easy fix and it is not costing you a penny.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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