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Hello Lieutenant Commander Fiorentine

I have in the past year applied for the USCG CSPI program. After filling out their medical form and shipping it off to MEPS. I got a call from the recruiter that they won't be able to work with me because of some medical issue I put down. That issue was that I had partial dislocation back in high school. However after obtaining my full medical records it never said I had a dislocation, the doctor said my X-rays showed signs of dislocation. I have full range/motion in that arm, and he just recommended some physical therapy which was only one session.  

The reason I put that down in the first place was that it was my understanding that you put down everything about your past medical history, but I have heard from multiple people I should of left that out because I was never diagnosed with it. From what I have researched it seems this is a common problem that ruins any potential military career.

So my questions are. Since they didn't want to work with me does that go for all of the military branches or is it just the USCG?

Secondly, When filling out forms for other branches they all say if I have been medically DQ from other branches, from my understanding the recruiter never said I was medically DQ, it was just that they didn't want to proceed any further. So checking no would be correct?  

Finally, I know all branches use the same MEPS so if I can apply for other branches is it possible to make updates to that medical form or is it already set in stone?


First I would ask MEPS/recruiter if you can provide clarifying information.  No just because the Coast Guard did not accept you doesn't mean another service would not.

No you have not been medically disqualified which is why I think you should continue working with CG recruiter / MEPS to clarify your comment.

Yes you can apply to other services.


LCDR John Fiorentine USCG  

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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