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We just got a call from our son who is at Great Lakes bootccamp that he is being separated.  We are so confused and upset.  He was training almost 9 months before he entered in the special EOD and understood that his security clearance was cleared, checked and confirmed a couple of times since he did have a few minor stuff during his high school years.  My husband and I are both military veterans and were so happy that at 22, he was finally making a life changing choice.  He stated as little as we could understand that "he is in trouble with something with security clearance and they now are separting him and said he has a "personality disorder"  Now as I research, this seems to be the trend being imposed on our Veterans too.  So wrong
What can we do, he is now so sad and they are holding him until they  release him in their time.  Can he renter if he chose this route or is it final  Why can they not just ELS him?  Please advise.

It is possible for him to reenter, but there is usually a waiting period.  The amount of wait will depend upon the seriousness of his problem.  It is even possible they may ban him from reentering.  It all depends upon what they found on him.  Whatever they say is final.
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Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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