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Hi Emma,

My husband left one week ago for Navy boot camp. I got a call a few days after from him at a hospital saying he had depression. I was able to get another phone call from him today saying that he has depression and still wants to hurt himself, has recurirng nightmares, and has told the people in charge of him. Everyone is brushing him off and not taking him seriously.

I've done a lot of research, especially on, and it seems like in these situations they send the depressed person home. I am so worried for him. Why are they not taking him seriously and taking steps to address his problem? I'm worried that if they keep him there he is really going to hurt himself.

Please help me understand what's going on and why they won't take him seriously and send him home.

Hi Caitlyn.

I'll attempt to help you the best I can. He is at the hospital at boot camp, correct? What is he there for, his depression? If he is there for his depression, then they are aware of it and I'm sure they're getting the necessary paperwork in order as it can take a while to get him sent home.

What exactly has he told his chain of command? Has he told them everything? Did he say exactly what they said in return? Yes, he should be sent home. If you can give me a little more information, it'd be appreciated.  

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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