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I have Airborne in my contract because at MEPS they said that in order to get 25 bravo( IT) I also had to sign up with Airborne. If I decide not to go to Airborne during AIT will I lose my job?

Also do you know anything about knee problems after Airborne? Or are they good when it comes to safety?

Hi Nicole.

Since you've signed your contract you are pretty much locked in for airborne and you cannot really just say, "I don't want to go to airborne school anymore" could always not go, but that would take a lot of paperwork. I encourage you to go, as many soldiers go to various specialized schools like this, it's part of the training you'll be doing as you progress through your career. If you end up not going, and that's a requirement for your job, then yes, you will be reassigned a different one.

As to the safety of it, not to worry. You'll only be doing a few jumps, so your knees will be fine. They take precautions to keep you safe, plus the boots today's soldiers wear are much better than what soldiers once wore. If you were place with an airborne unit and jumped A LOT (think airborne infantry jumpers doing a lot of missions),then yes, you could potentially develop problems, but not from just a few jumps.

Best of luck in BCT, AIT, and airborne school!

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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