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My name is Max and I am currently 21 years old.
My BUMED was denied by the Marines about 2 years ago because I had benign epilepsy when I was a young kid and since then I have not had a seizure since nor have I taken any medication what so ever.  I have been to many neurologists and all of them say that I am fit for duty and there should not be anything stopping me from joining the Marines.  I was wondering if I should go to a different recruiter and submit my BUMED for another look or contact my congressman about my issue.
Also when my Marine recruiter was helping me he told me that I was not disqualified for my seizures but for my mood swings and panic attacks I had during the seizures that my neurologists stupidly stated and I do not have these either!!!  Are there any options that I have that I can use to get in the military?   I have always wanted to join!!


Right now, the military is going through severe budget cuts so not as many waivers are being given. You can try to enlist again, and if that fails, you can try for another branch. If you're still denied entrance, then you're out of luck. You CAN write a letter to your congressman, but I can pretty much guarantee you nothing will come of it; only MEPS doctors can authorize waivers/acceptance for enlistment, what your civilian doctor and neurologists say does not matter, they cannot get you into the military. Take all of your medical records to a recruiter and you can try.

Best of luck to you, this is all you can do.

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QUESTION: Hi sorry for asking the same question twice.
By enlisting again, do you mean that I should just go to another Marine or Army recruiter and try to enlist again without disclosing any of the medical problems that I had?  I am not sure if that would be fraudulent enlistment?

Hi Max.

No, I mean you can try to enlist with the Marines again, or a different branch. I am NOT suggesting that you should lie; yes, that is fraudulent enlistment and you should not do that. I'm saying that you should try again, because that was 2 years ago, maybe you can try for the Marines again, or you can try a different branch.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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