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I am trying to understand, why my son is being medical discharge from the Army. He has been in since 2010, working for the Army as a Behavioral Health Specialist. His post is in Colorado Springs. His knee started giving him problems(has always been healthy) and turned out to be bursitis( he has seen a  doctor.. and seeing a physical therapist).
He maxed out of everything except his running. He was given a waiver and then to use a Bike this past month. Then his commander says they will not accept the bike in place of the running. I don't understand that. He really wants to stay. He had little less that a year to finish his contract. I am just trying to figure it all out.
Being that he went straight into the service from Highschool he will have to start all over with Financial Aid.. looking for schools, a job. He says the military is helping him, but I am unsure at this point.
They say he can serve in a year if all works out? I am just trying to understand what is going on and how I can help my son. Because He planned on making the Army a career...

His bursitis was probably severe enough that he was rated as non deployable, which means he could not do a soldiers job in a combat zone.  Since it is early in his career, it will only get worse, so the Army is cutting him loose before it gets worse and costs the government more money to take care of him.

There is nothing you can do to help him at this point.  he will be briefed on what benefits he is entitled to  and such.

Being a deployable asset is the only thing that matters anymore, and with cutbacks, the military is quick to discharge if not healthy.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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