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i'm 14 planning on joining the Marines i just wanted to know if you can give me some tips and recent true statistics on the Marines. such as divorce rate, death rate, suicide rate, and etc. what is takes to become an enlisted marine compared to an officer.

Hi Cassius.

I don't think there are any official statistics on the Marine Corps alone, but the divorce rate for all of the military is about 3.5%.


As far as death rate, I'll assume you mean in combat. Overall, the Marine Corps doesn't account for as many deaths as the Army, because they are smaller, but more than the Air Force, Navy, or Coast Guard. In peacetime, there aren't as many deaths, obviously. Studies show that there's a greater chance of dying in the civilian world than in the military.

As far as what it takes...enlisted recruits go to boot camp at either San Diego or Parris Island, and after 13 weeks of that they go on to MCT (Marine Combat Training) if a non-infantry Marine, and then their MOS schooling, or to the ITB (Infantry Training Battalion) if an infantry Marine, which is also their MOS schooling. Then they hit the fleet.

Officers must possess a 4 year college degree and must be commissioned (either NROTC, Naval Academy, OCS [Officers' Candidate School], or PLC [Platoon Leaders' Course]). Once they are commissioned, all new officers attend TBS (The Basic School) to learn the basics of being a Marine officer. Here, those with air contracts find out if they'll be a NFO or SNA, and those with a ground contract find out their exact MOS. From here, they go on to MOS schooling.

Go to to learn more about it.

I hope that answers your questions; if you have more, feel free to ask.  

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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