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QUESTION: Got a call Wed night that our daughter was taken from USMC boot camp to Navy hospital.  The MD told us she had a severe allergic reaction to her PCN(penicillin) shot.  My first response was "she isn't allergic to PCN"!  She was on it about a month before she enlisted. She is, needless to say, crushed.  Her ASVAB scores were fantastic.  She has college but a few classes short of a degree.  Physical fitness issues are non-issue.  From what I have read medical waivers are based on the medical issue, quality of the applicant and need of her in the branch she is applying for the waiver in.  She was got her first choice for MOS, logistics.  Is there even a slim chance for her?  She would make an outstanding Marine.  Would a college degree sweeten her waiver request?  I plan on talking to her recruiter Monday, they are very disappointed.  They agree she would have been outstanding.

ANSWER: Suzanne:

  Just because she is allergic to PCN shouldn't be a reason for an automatic discharge.  I knew plenty of Marines who were.   Should just be a minor issue, unless there is something else happening that was a result of the shot, where she needs a lot of after care or something along those lines.   

  Was she told for sure she was being discharged, or was it 'Well now you'll need a waiver and *could* be discharged..?"   That is going to be the question.

  If she is medically discharged then the recruiters would be the best people to talk to about getting her back in, they would be the most up to date on how that process works.

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QUESTION: Thank you. She wasn't told anything. Was in the navy hospital for overnight  She called the Thursday and told her they were sending her back to Parris Island.   Was given no info. She called Friday afternoon saying they were sending her home. No doctors talked to her and she received very little info. I spoke with her recruiter he day after and was told the liaison spoke with her and she her mindset was ready to train bit it was up to the doctors to decide.  Thank you again!

ANSWER: Hmmm.   To me, that doesn't make much sense.   Contact the recruiter tomorrow and see if he has more information.   It might be the docs feel she needs more recovery time than they can give her...or there is another issue we don't know about.    Until she sees paperwork, or they give her a bus ticket, it's all good :)  I do wish her luck though!

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QUESTION: You have been a great help. She wrote to me that she got her paperwork. EPTS discharge for a severe penicillin allergy (which she did  NOT have when she went in) and bloodwork showed she was anemic as well.  They told her she cannot serve any branch. Is that true?  It is really too bad because physically nothing would have stopped her in basic training. She had been training at home for 4 months

Aww, that's a shame.  If the allergy is THAT bad/severe, then I can understand the discharge.   The anemia is also an issue for sure.

And there are plenty of things that people have that don't manifest themselves 'physically' that prevent them from enlisting.  Sucks but sometimes that is the way it is.

I do wish you and her the best of luck, and am sorry she can't continue.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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