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My son wants to join the Navy. He is in his second year of college with about 24 credits under his belt. He went to high school until 10th grade then I had him home schooled. He showed the recruiter his diploma and the recruiter is getting transcripts from his regular high school. My son gave him his college transcripts too. Why would he want transcripts from a school he didn't graduate from? He also wants his medical records. Is this usual? He has been on ADD meds on and off but hasn't been on them in a year. He got a letter from his doctor concerning that. He was on prozac for  when he was 16 due to problems with his dad, but got off them when they worked things out a few months later. Would this be a problem? Thanks!

Hi Deborah.

It's normal for recruiters to ask for all records, they go everything to make sure prospective enlistees are eligible to enlist. In the military, graduating as a homeschoolers is technically like a GED, so he was most likely just looking at the classes he took in high school as well, and then he looked at his college transcript to make sure the classes are all okay...GED +15 or more college credits makes the enlistee a tier 1 applicant (so they don't have to wait for a GED spot to open up).

Medical records, yes, it is usual. Those are issues, yes. ADD meds, if he is off them for at least a year and can show adequate school performance, won't be a problem, but the Prozac might be...he might possibly require a waiver in order to enlist. They look at medications/reasons why the applicant tooks the meds on a case by case basis, so I couldn't say whether or not it'll be a major issue, but expect to provide more records.

I hope I was able to help.  

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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