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QUESTION: With regards to acceptance in an ROTC type program, specifically with the intent of becoming a member of JAG, will they accept me if I have a food allergy.  I spoke to a recruiter and he said it should be OK so long as I know what not to eat.  However I know that avoiding the foods you are allergic to is more than just a matter of not eating the obvious food item.  Manufactures put things into foods that someone without allergies wouldn't even consider could possible contain that food.  Will the armed services be able to provide the allergen free foods I would require?

ANSWER: Hi Candy,

What is your allergy and what level of allergic are you to this food (rash, Anaphylaxis, etc?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am allergic to corn.  I can not consume anything that contains a corn based ingredient.  No corn starch, corn syrup... sometimes dextrose, sucrose, maltrodextren... also contain corn as a sweetener.  If I consume a small amount I get hives.  The smaller the amount, the smaller the hives.  Consuming larger amounts will give me chest pains and it is difficult to breath.  I do not have any problems finding food to eat at home.  While at school or in restaurants is much more difficult.  I attended the National Leadership Forum on Law and Crime Scene Investigation this month in Washington DC.  They did not have any problems feeding me.  While there I spoke to a Marine JAG.  I really want to join.

Hi Candy, thanks for the follow up.

Seeing as that those things are in many foods and it is a serious allergy, I'm going to say that that will disqualify you...and I don't think you would be able to get a waiver for something as serious as that, BUT I'm going to also say to talk to a recruiter for sure because only they could give you the final answer. The military cannot always be sure they will have the kind of food you need readily available, especially in a combat environment; it's too big of a liability. As you noted, it's difficult to find food you can eat at school; in the military, think of eating essentially like in a school cafeteria for the most part.

Best of luck, and sorry. But like I said, speak with a recruiter to be sure.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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