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Hello my name is Aden,

I am currently trying to enlist in the navy, I've taken some of the steps toward enlisting like taking my asvab on which I got a 70 for the afqt, I also filled out some paper work regarding my health records. I'm on one of the last steps which I have to provide my criminal record, well I was arrested in 09' being a juvenile for grand theft, I attended and completed a diversion progam; I was never convicted but I contacted Juvenile probation for the records and the lady had told me that the arrest record shows arrest for grand theft (no conviction). I have absolutely no adult record. Will this stop me from enlisting? My Recuiter said he had to send it to Meps to see if I was a "go" or "no go" and I just wanted to know before the opinion from someone educated on the matter before I actually find the results. I am in Bakersfield ca, kern county. I know the region matters sometimes.

Hi Aden,

Even though you weren't convicted, the alternative program you went to will be on your record still. The military sees everything, including juvenile charges. It could potentially stop you from enlisting but if you've had a clean record since then it should not be too big of an issue, but there's no guarantee.  

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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