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QUESTION: On September 14th of 2012, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. I went through the whole process at MEPS. I used to take a medication called Focalin in high school. It is for ADHD students. I graduated in 2010 and my doctor took me off the medication in 2009. I told my recruiter that i have never taken medications. I went to MEPS, went through the whole process, Chose my job, Everything was great! Then one day i went to my recruiter station. My recruiter sat me down and told me that i popped the drug test positive for methamphetamines. I took my medication from what was left for the ASVAB test to do as well as i possibly could without telling my recruiter about it. So they kicked me out of the Navy. It was my dream to be in the Navy and i screwed it up. Is it true from what i hear that i am done in the Navy? I got a letter from the department of defense stating that i am eligible to re-enlist in 365 days from then on September 14th, 2013.  I also have a letter from my doctor stating that i was under his care and instructed to take this medication when i have any major exams coming up, along with all of my medical records. Would that possibly help me fight this and get back in? Or am i done for good? Am i able to enlist in any other branch such as, the Army, Coast Guard, or Marines?

ANSWER: Two things, the ADHD medication makes you ineligible to be in the military unless you are of fit several years.

The other, while technically, you can try to rejoin in 365 days, a waiver has never been granted for anyone popping hot for drugs in the the last 5 years.

You could always try, but I am pretty positive, the answer would be "no".  Keep in mind, things change daily, and anything can happen, the worse thing they can do is deny your re entry.

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QUESTION: Is there any possible way around it? Maybe if i knew somebody in the military that could help me waive it? I talked to the Navy recruiter today. He told me that the Navy wont accept me. But he said that the Army and Marines will. Im trying to get many opinions. Im doing anything and everything i can possible to get into the military. Thats all that i want.

No way around it, doesn't matter who you know.  The Army will not take you, there is a ban on drug use issues ( any kind), the Marines , while I can't speak for them, do not give many waivers at all, let alone for a drug pop at Meps.

I am sorry to say that unless there is a major war in the next few year, your chances of joining are slim.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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