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QUESTION: Hello Mr. Jason Grabill,am a Ghanaian not leaving in the States but will like to join the Marine Corps, is being a dream of mine and that of my grand-ma who is no more. Am currently in my second year in the university and would be twenty-one this year which means i will be around twenty-four after my graduation.My questions are 1. Am i eligible to join from my country at that age? 2. And after my graduation from the USMC i would like to go to school again can i? 3.How many times can i be deployed? 4. Do i get to choose my duty post? Thank you


  Alas, as a non US Citizen, you are not eligible to enlist at this time.   You would have to come to the US on a work visa, and have the right to work in the US, then attempt to enlist.    That is the only way you can get in at this time.  

  Yes, you can go to school again, you deploy as much as the unit you are with, every  one is different, and generally you get a choice of East/West coast or 'overseas'.  

Good luck!

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QUESTION: Thank you Mr. Jason Grabill, so when am in school and my unit is being deployed do i have to quit school or still be in school whilst my unit is in deployment. And in school can i go to the NROTC to become an officer. Basically what are the requirement to be in an officer in the USMC.


  Yes, you would have to quit school, although many will allow you to take online classes.    NJROTC is certainly an option, but I'm not sure how to become an officer, that one is outside my expertise.   You can check the USMC website and that will give you a better idea.   Type that question "How to become an officer in the US Marine Corps" into any search engine and it'll come up.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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