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My son called me last Tuesday asking that I fax his medical records to boot camp.

He called last night and said he had been separated and was being sent home for medical. When he was younger he had ADHD and also some problems with bed wetting, both of them he had out grown by the time he was 13.

The Dr. at boot camp was questing his ADHD, after reviewing his records his ADHD was not server enough to be of concern. But with the bed wetting, he is being sent home.

My son has been told he will receive a discharge with RE8 or RE3 and that he can reenlist in 6mo.

Q. 1) How likely is it he can get a waiver and reenlist?

Q. 2) or would it be better if he was to appeal it at boot camp?

Q. 3)He has also been told he can be stuck in limbo for up to 6mo, is this true or are they trying to scare him into not appealing it?

Q. 4)He is now being asked to sign a "HEPPA" release from for the records that they have already received, can the records still be used against him if he does not sign?

Q. 5)Who can he ask to talk to that can represent him? That will help him stay in the Navy?

He has work for a year to get in,he lost over 80lbs before he could even go to MEPS. He wants to make this his career like his grandfather (serving in the Navy for over 20years before WWII and during.) he would like to follow in he's steps.  Please help me with the information he needs so he can stay in.

Thank you for your time and effort in answering my questions.

It sounds as though your son is not telling you something.  The Dr's would not be looking into this unless there was an issue at training.  The bed wetting for instance is not an issue unless it was after age 12, but maybe he had an issue at boot camp.  The chances of him coming back after being discharged are near zero.  He has no "rights" in dealing with medical discharges and there is no one that can help him. There really is no appeals process.  The military is cut and dry when it comes to entry level issues, they do not waste time and discharge and send home quickly.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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