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I bought an English-German, German-English dictionary with the following info hand written inside the cover:
Keck, Douglas M.
med. det. 371 A.I.B.
APO 696
Nurnberg, Germany
I thought perhaps it would be nice to either locate this soldier,.or his family because I believe they may possibly like to have this dictionary. It may be special to him/them.
Would/could you locate or help me to locate him/his family?

Billie Jo,

I think the best place to start is Facebook messaging "Stolen Valor" the same information you sent me.  They have nearly 400,000 followers and the professional contacts to help you locate Mr. Keck or family members.


LCDR J. M. Fiorentine USCG

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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