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QUESTION: How hard would it be to get a waiver for gestational diabetes? I don't have diabetes now and didn't have a problem when I was pregnant with it. Just had failed the 3 hour GTT.

ANSWER: While I am not 100% positive, it would probably disqualify you, however, it may be eligible for a waiver.  But if you need any medication or special diet, you would not get one.

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QUESTION: Would being restricted to 2400 calorie diet considered a special diet?

Not specifically, but being in the military can put you in situations where you might not get to east much or at all for extended times, whether due to combat or lack of resources at the moment. So many variables, while your issue may never come up in a career where it would hamper you, it is the possibilities that matter.

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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I am a National Guard Recruiting NCOIC, been doing recruiting jobs for the military for over 12 years and am a subject matter expert on qualifications for National Guard and Army ( as we use the same regulation) and I keep up to date on other services regulations as well. In my job, I process questionable applicants and determine eligibility, I process waivers of all types and know the regulations inside and out. I will not sugar coat my answers to you. They are usually short and to the point. If you need more in depth, ask me. Because each situation is different, alot of times you need to actually talk to a recruiter and let them evaluate your situation in person, by looking at your documents, issues etc. If I suggest this, it would be in your best interest to do so. Finally...thank you for your interest in serving this great nation of ours. Very few people can actually make the cut to serve let alone choose to do so. So thank you for wanting to and hopefully you will get a chance. Whatever branch you choose, thank you and good luck.


18 years Guard experience, combat missions and homeland missions. 12 years recruiting. I have been a platoon sergeant and squad leader. Mentor to new recruiters and recruits.

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