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Good morning/afternoon. I have been trying to join the Army National Guard for 3 years. 2 years ago in summer 2013 I attempted to apply for the Guard, I was disqualified at MEPS for high myopia 11.75 diopters in one eye and 10.25 diopters in the other eye. My astigmatism  cylinder diopters was not disqualifying. A waiver was submitted and it came back denied that same year. I do have simple refractive amblyopia affecting right eye with no misalignment of the eyes. So fast forward to two in th half years later which is now, I still want to be in the Army National Guard. I went back to the eye doctor in October 2015 so my new prescription is still up to date and only 3 months old. It is -0.75 sphere -0.50 cylinder diopter left eye and -8.00 sphere -1.75 cylinder diopters right eye. Right eye is not correctable to 20/20 because of the amblyopia but left eye is. And my depth perception and stereovision is not up to par but I do have a little of it. Visual acuity is 20/20 left and 20/70 right eye with this new prescription. Visual acuity with both eyes open is 20/20. Eyes turn out to be healthy still. I got back in touch with Army National Guard recruiter in December 2015 and they were helpful to me despited me getting rejected for my eyes two years ago. A record of the ophthalmological eye exam including new prescription and visual acuity is at the MEPS for medical review. Because of this past disqualification, am I still dead in the water with ever enlisting in the guard permanently?  Do I need to be correctable to 20/20 in each individual eye? Should I expect the worst, another no? And now I am under the impression that one must have perfect depth perception and stereovision to join the Army National Guard now. Is that correct? With the new documentation mentioned, do I even stand a good case at ever joining at all? Or will that new documentation not mean anything since I was already rejected before? It does not bother me if I can't be a pilot because of my eyes. It's hard to be positive when I have a past disqualification even if the physical is not valid anymore. The military wil possibly still frown upon that even say no :(.

You are borderline, it really comes down to any eye pathology or issues you may still have.

You can try again, but chances are minimal, but worth a look at getting the waiver. Both eyes do not need to need to be 20/20, as long as one eye is , it is worth the waiver try.

Good luck  

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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I am a National Guard Recruiting NCOIC, been doing recruiting jobs for the military for over 12 years and am a subject matter expert on qualifications for National Guard and Army ( as we use the same regulation) and I keep up to date on other services regulations as well. In my job, I process questionable applicants and determine eligibility, I process waivers of all types and know the regulations inside and out. I will not sugar coat my answers to you. They are usually short and to the point. If you need more in depth, ask me. Because each situation is different, alot of times you need to actually talk to a recruiter and let them evaluate your situation in person, by looking at your documents, issues etc. If I suggest this, it would be in your best interest to do so. Finally...thank you for your interest in serving this great nation of ours. Very few people can actually make the cut to serve let alone choose to do so. So thank you for wanting to and hopefully you will get a chance. Whatever branch you choose, thank you and good luck.


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