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QUESTION: What happen when a person in the US military gets injured and is no longer medical fit to serve in the US military? That is what most medical doctor would say. What would happen when he is mentally ill and he is a danger to him self and others. Some say that he belongs in a mental hospital.

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They will be processed for medical retirement.  They will also be evaluated to determine the level of disability compensation they will receive from the Veterans Administration.


LCDR J. M. Fiorentine USCG

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QUESTION: What happen when the person becomes totally disabled and cannot work because of combat related injuries?

Can US military personal giver orders to a civilian that is not on a military base? What happens when a civilian interfere with US military operations in the United States, but does not violate local/state/federal criminal law?

Can a civilian report to the FBI of a person in the US military that he believes in involved in criminal activity?

ANSWER: They will be medically retired and recieve disability payments from the Veterans Administration.  They may also recieve payments from the Social Security Disability Program.

Depends on the situation.  Military personnel can always give and order to civilian personel.  Whether that civilian has a duty (legal obligation) to obey wll that depends on the situation. Normal day civilian probably is not legally obligated to obey.  During a State of Emergency (disaster, rioting) there probably is an obligation to obey.  Now there is an exception...the Coast Guard is a military branch but also a law enforcement agency.  Because it is a law enformcement agency an order from Coast Guard personnel (in there official capacity) is that same as police order and should be obeyed.

Interfering with miltiary operations is a violation of federal law and the individual would be subject to arrest.

They could except depending on the crime the FBI may not investigate.  Depends on the nature of the crime.  For example tax evasion (that's Internal Revenue Service), drugs (Drug Enforcement Agency), child pornography (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), etc.


LCDR J.M. Fiorentine USCG

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QUESTION: I say a TV episode in which a one Navy diver (he was not armed) was searing for an airplane crashed in the 1960ís and he was searching for this in Florida on public land. An unarmored civilian was doing the same thing. The civilian trended to call local law enforcement about the navy diver.

Was the airplane government owned or privately owned?  Public land as land owned by the government?

This sounds like a CSI any case its hard to determine the lawfulness of the divers action.  My best anwser is it all depends on the particualr facts of the situation.


LCDR J.M. Fiorentine USCG

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