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Hi, Okay so here's my situation, I just got home from Recruit Training from Paris Island. During training another recruit and I got into an altercation and I struck him knocking his teeth out. Was given an Article 128 and dropped back in training as punishment. Going forward from that, I later tore my ligaments in my knees and was sent to MRP immediately to RSP for the injuries. But when I was given my discharge papers it stated "Entry Level Separation". And was told it was because of what had happen stated earlier with the Article 128. Is it right for them to discharge for something that I wasn't sent to RSP for? And can I change the reason for separation? Re-Entry code: RE-3F, Separation code: JGA1


Right or wrong they had the prerogative to discharge you for either the injury or the misconduct...they chose the misconduct.  To change the reason for separation you would have to appeal to the Board for Corrections of Naval Records.  I think your chances of prevailing are low.  If you are attempting to re-enter the Armed Forces I recommend you speak with a recruiter they may be able to assist you with a waiver to re-enter the military.


LCDR J.M. Fiorentine USCGR

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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