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William wrote at 2007-05-06 20:36:51
Hi Jenna,

I would also like to add to the answer that Type 2 diabetes CAN be in the military, due to the fact that they take a pill once a month. Type 1 however can NOT be in the military. I was seperated from the US Navy at 40% disability in December 2006 upon being diagnosed with Type 1. The Senior Chief Petty Officer [E-8] who signed my transfer papers had Type 2 diabetes.

LM wrote at 2010-12-04 21:39:39
I just want to say I think that is BS! There are PLENTY of Non combat jobs that could be performed my Type 1 diabetics. I've been diabetic since I was born, and have NEVER had any serious complications.

Dylan wrote at 2012-03-31 21:06:54
The fact that type one diabetics are not allowed to join the army is wrong. There are plenty of type one diabetics that take well enough care of themselves to join the army. People say that you can do what ever you want with your life, well this is not true. I myself am a type one diabetic and my dream was to join the army, until I found out that diabetics are not accepted. This is wrong, and we should not be giving false hope to kids saying they can do whatever they want in life because it is not true, at least for me it wasn't.  

Liam A vignes wrote at 2012-04-19 09:03:03
i am a australian 15years old (17/09/1996) high school student with type 1 diabetes i contracted it when i was 2years of age and it was because some infection that screwed around with our pancreases was going around in my day care and allot of kids in my year group got diabetes and my whole life i have dreamt of being in the army but this is the first time i was told that i couldnt join so i fell like i havde no will in life now and that just cos i have a disability i cant be a rifleman like iv seen people with strokes and tumors that made them only able to use half of their body yet they have been able to stay in the defence force they were in the guy with a tumour was in the airforce and the stoke in the navy yet i can use all of my body and i cannot join because they dont know what its like and the government is scarred of something so i say my heart and dream is broken and that i have no need of my body anymore cos i feel like im being misguided into thinking that im worthless

Truth wrote at 2012-08-19 23:20:48
Don't listen to this tool. Most People with diabetes can perform the same as a person without diabetes. This belief that diabetics cannot perform is similar to when they believed that African Americans and women could not perform as well as white males. I am in Law Enforcement and in my academy I was near the top in all categories including physical health. I often out performed my classmates who were considered in peak physical condition. Keep trying and don't be discouraged by so called "experts".

Kara wrote at 2013-01-30 03:13:02

I'm sorry Rod Powers, but this incorrect. Type 1 diabetics, like myself, cannot join the Army and Air Force, but I do know for a fact, that they can join the Marines. As us type 1 diabetics, fought over the years to have that right, we finally have been able to get through to the Marines. I, myself, wanted to join the Air Force, but when I found out that I couldn't, I was devastated, so I reached out to found out a military branch I could enlist in. I dug and dug and found out that, Marines will let type 1 diabetics join, as long as they fit for the physical test and have an excellent doctors report.

Kara Reedy

Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard

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