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QUESTION: Hi Ken. I am Korean guy named youngjin. I last week had a underwear modeling job but I was embarassed because my penis became fully erect. Is there anything that I can do to ease the embarassment? What would you as a photographyler do in a situation like min? I know this very stupid but thanks for reading.

ANSWER: Hello Youngjin and thank you for your question. Fist off, no question is stupid because you seek an answer and understanding. I find it interesting that you are Korean yet from China because in China they have very strict regulations regarding modeling.

You did not give me your age, experience or any background on the photoshoot, which makes it difficult to answer your question specifically to you. Whether it is you or any other model who experiences sexual arousal during a photoshoot and would like to know how to deal with it, I would need the following information:

Your age
Modeling experience level (amateur or professional model)
Was the shoot on location or in a studio?
Was the photographer male or female?
Was the photographer or an assistant posing you in a way that could generate a sexual feeling (intentional or unintentional)?
How many people were present at the shoot?
What was the set that was used?
What type underwear were you wearing for the shoot (normal fitting underwear or sexy fitting and looking)?

Here are some of my general thoughts on the subject .....

As a professional photographer, I treat every shoot as I would any business arrangement, unless I was doing the shoot for free for someone I know personally. As a professional, it is very important to make the model feel comfortable with me and any of my assistants, including my MUA and stylist. What you experienced with sexual arousal can happen to any model (amateur or professional) regardless of the style of shoot and is normal. It happens with both the male and female models. It probably happens more with the models I work with because I tell them to be very natural and "let go" of the feelings and emotions. This way I capture a very natural look. There is a misnomer in the industry that having sexual feelings during a shoot is the result of inappropriate behavior by the photographer or someone else involved with the shoot. This is NOT true.

As a model you need to be aware that opportunities become available for various style outfits and even nude modeling if you choose. You need to build self confidence, not be modest or embarrassed if you experience an erection again. If the photographer does not want the look with an erect penis, then they would normally take a break. If not, it is appropriate for you nto tell the photographer you need to take a break to recover. Make sure before any shoot you thoroughly discuss the shoot and what is expected from you.

Hope this helps,

Ken - KGR Photography

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QUESTION: Thanks for the first answer. I am not in china, Im in USA. The photo shoot was only me standing with fists tight in thong. That's when it happened. No other reason

Hello Jake. I'm certain as you do more photoshoots and become comfortable in front of the camera you will not experience an erection and your body language will be more smooth and natural.

Feel free to shoot me any more questions you may have.

Ken - KGR Photography

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