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Hi there,
I am currently in yr 12 (I am 17 years old) in Australia and have only started to learn musical theory whilst playing the piano. I am passionate about music and I want to have a musical background. I know it's difficult as they piano paying is very competitive but I am willing to work hard. Is it still possible for me to become a professional/recognized musician??? or am I just dreaming

It's not possible for me to be definitive without hearing you play, but the easiest way for you to judge your level is by comparing yourself to other pianists in your area.  As a music student you are no doubt involved with lessons and competitions in your area.  If you are one of the top two or three players in your area, then chances are good that with continued study you will make a fine professional.  Remember that as you go on to colleges you are competing on a national level, and when you get to the job market it can even be international competition for those jobs.

If you are average to below average among your local peers, I would say that it would be wiser to invest in another occupation. But by all means, continue to play and enjoy your music for the rest of your life!

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