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I'm  41 years old. I've  been playing Drums with what seems like a million hiatus's from playing, but all together, from beginning in 5th grade at age 10. thru 10th grade plus private lessons & 1 year of Drum Corps around my way, Ive been playing for 17 years.

I love Jazz, & Blues, but what I play the best is Funk & Hip Hop. ( I grew up during the Golden Age of Hip Hop the 80's ) I know a person can't major in college in Funk or Hip Hop, what do u think I should do Sir, If I wanted to play Music as a profession, and generate income playing music for my family Doc. U've answered several of my questions b4, & u totally rock, What would u do if u were me kind Sir ?

Universities and colleges accept into their programs people of all ages and with all kinds of backgrounds. You can major in funk and hip hop, at least via proxy, by majoring in music performance with an emphasis in jazz, jazz-rock music, or similar. Each institution has its own variation of the subdivision of the music program that covers those styles, so it's best to shop around to find the right school for you, if you plan on giving it a go.

You don't have to receive a formal education, as far as it involves a school. You could take private lessons from a highly qualified professional musician(s). You don't even have to do that. Regardless of the training you receive, you can always try making a living by simply going out there and playing gigs. Landing those gigs might take some work.

If you want to generate an income from performing music to support your family, you will need to really shine above the rest. Depending on where you live, there could be either a lot of competition and/or very few viable venues. Do a lot of research, network yourself, prepare and make available the music that you want to perform. You might need to transition from another job into the music job(s).

Best of luck!

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