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QUESTION:     I came to the United States when I was 17 years old with my family from overseas. Now I am 31. Since that time I started working full time and going to school part time. During the past 16 years I was getting paid only $7 to $10 per hour, also some of the things that I was doing for the past 16 years were:

• I was giving my siblings and mother some of my monthly income, and I will continue to do this as long as I am living with them.
• I was getting one to two vacations every year.
• I was able to save about $55 thousand that are still available for me.
• At this time I have 14 classes left to finish my bachelor degree with minor in Business.

   My personal income at this time is still very low, for I am making only about $1,400 after tax each month or close to 18 to 20 thousand a year. For the past few years, I have been feeling an urgent and pressing need to leave my mother’s house and go rent an apartment for myself then after that I will go bring a wife from my original country overseas to come and live with me in my new apartment, but it is widely known that in order for a husband a wife to live a comfortable life, their monthly income should be at least 3 to 5 thousand especially if they have one child, and like I said before my income is only $1,400 per month at this time, so I have only one solution to resolve out of this trouble.

   One of the best highly paid positions in USA that is not influenced by neither inflation nor recession is nursing. One nurse alone can make from 3 to 5 thousand per month by working only 30 to 40 hours per week. Many women from my original country want to come to USA, so I will go marry a smart girl, who had a very high GPA in high school. When she arrives to USA, I will put her in a nursing program to study full time 3 to 4 years. During this time there will be no kids, and we will have to live as frugally as possible because my low income can hardly support 2 adults living independently in a $600 to $700 rent apartment.

  Most women want to have their own house, car, kids, and if she is from another country, she will need to bring her direct family members like father, mother and siblings, but she will need to understand that I will not be able to provide all what she want probably for the first 4 to 8 years of our marriage; however, after she graduate and become a registered nurse, until then only we will be able to provide most of what she wants. When she is RN and we combine both my income and her income together it will be easier because the combination will equal to 3 to 6 thousand per month.

   I will not be able to choose a woman from here because most likely she will not agree to this plan. If she is already in the U.S, she will expect me to fulfill all of her needs before she gets married especially that my parents are divorced and people from my culture are restrictive and hesitant to give their daughters to divorced families, but if she is living overseas in my country, she will be content because she wants to come here. At this time I did not choose any woman yet, and I am still thinking about this plan. When I fly again and choose someone, how I will be able to explain everything for her without offending myself or her in this matter?

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions.

ANSWER: Hi Sammy,

Thanks for writing to me.

Let me make sure I understand your question... You would like me to tell you how you can persuade a potential wife to leave her home country and start the education pathway to be an RN?

OK, first off there are some flaws to your thinking. In order to come to the USA to study you would need a student visa (check out this website:

Your future wife would already have to have been offered a position to study to be granted a student visa... and from the brief reading I have done you can only get visas for short courses - not 2-4 year courses.

The only way around this is for your wife to be a nurse already - in which case she needs a green card and the US licensure to be an RN - mine took about 4 years to obtain.

If your wife is granted a green card/visa I do not think that entitles her to bring her family with her (maybe she could if they are dependents).

It would be quicker for you to achieve independence from your mother to complete your education as a full time course and live off your savings - in my opinion. That way you would increase your earning potential enough to attract a wife, not have to persuade her to go to work for you.

I get the feeling that this is a hoax question... if it is not then you should definitely contact the US department of State and do some research on student visas.

As for the nursing aspect of this question - why not let your future wife choose her own career?

I don't think I have helped you very much - this is definitely the strangest question I have been asked and one that is outside of my circle of experience.


Did you ever find any information regarding student visas?

I hope this has either worked out for you or will work itself out shortly.

I am afraid that this question threw me through a loop, I wasn't sure quite how to answer it. However, thanks for the feedback - it is always received by me as constructive criticism.

I am glad you were able to give me a score of 10 for 'Timeliness' and 'Politeness'- I always try to maintain these qualities in my posts. I thank you also for the score of 5 for 'Helpfulness' - I think you could have scored me less as I don't think I helped your situation at all!

Could you let me know where you felt my 'Knowledge' score fell short? Was I incorrect with my information regarding visas or the immigration procedure? Any comments or constructive criticism would be well received.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I did not e-mail you to get your advic

Of course, I had completely overlooked the fact that you are a US citizen! I completely understand the score now.

I hope all goes well for you. It certainly sounds like you have a plan in mind.

Good luck with your future endeavors and thank you, again, for contacting me.

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