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Hi, my names Tiffany. I am still in high school. I was looking into this wondering what I needed to take in school to work in the nursery? And how much would I make an hour? And is there any other information I need to know about working in a nursery?

Hi Tiffany,

I hope I can help you with some info.

To become a nursery nurse you must first become a registered nurse. That will involve completing an associates or a bachelors degree (I would choose the bachelors if I were you). In order to get into a nursing school I would choose classes that have a high content of math and sciences, especially human biology.

For more info about being a nursery nurse see the link below:

As far as a salary, I got this from - average starting pay in Atlanta for a registered nurse is between $21 and $26 per hour.

I hope that helps Tiffany.  

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