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Careers: Nursing/NP vs Nurse administrator - best career prospect?


Dear Alex,
I have 5 yrs experience as an ER RN. I also hold both a ADN and BSN degrees. I am USA trained. I am in the process of pursuing my masters but am having a difficult time deciding on whether to do the FNP or Nurse administrator tracks. I have actually obtained admission to start an onlne MSN/MBA track next month.
I really don't want to be a beside nurse forever  and, being in my forties now, will like to be a  nurse manager or ADN someday hence my interest in administration ( or even run my own business some day). However I notice that the trend these days is for nurses to do the NP program; and it has me wondering what others know that i don't. My concern is that I do not want to find out later in life  when it will be too late,that I should have joined the bandwagon and done it(FNP) after it gets very well grounded and lucrative. I have 2 kids, one of whom is college bound next year and  the other in 3 yrs  so I do not have too much time to spend on education on myself since I intend to help my kids with college tuition. I like administration but I wonder if there are enough opportunities in it, especially for a foreigner like myself. In short, I dont want to spend money/efforts/time on a degree that will not be worth the time/efforts/money as I am not that rich nor young. Pls advice.
Secondly, are there grants anywhere for graduate nursing? The few I hear about are  only for education and FNP.
Thank you very much,, any advice will be very appreciated.

Hi Abby

I always believe that you should choose the education that will suit you best in your long term goals. In my opinion, if you do not have an interest in being a Nurse Practitioner why would you pursue that education?

However, my opinion is not always right... so my best recommendation to you would be to seek advice from someone who hires into these positions. Speak to your HR department, or even your Director of Nursing and ask what qualifications they would prefer in an applicant.

Coincidentally, I am also looking at a Masters Degree, but have no interest in becoming a Nurse Practitioner... so a Masters Degree with a Nurse Leadership component is what I am researching.

Please let me know what you find out.

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